Pros and cons of Capsule Wardrobe

Pros and cons of Capsule Wardrobe
When the companies moved their factories to Asia where they could produce more clothes in lower prices revolution in worldwide fashion started. Now, everyone could be fashionable for a very low price. Our wardrobes immediately filled to the brim, which unfortunately caused more problems than benefits. What was a benefit from having so many clothes that they fell out of the wardrobe if most were ill-fitting and made of poor quality materials? Finally, despite of having full wardrobe we didn’t have anything to wear. So, to have something to wear again, we were going to the next shopping. And that’s how we came back to the starting point. Fortunately, after the boom of the shopaholism, people finally opened their eyes. From year to year, more and more people are getting tired of the excess of items they have accumulated for years. Now the time has come for the next revolution. The idea of Capsule Wardrobe meets this need and proves that less really means more!

WHAT ARE THE ASSUMPTIONS AND purposes OF HAvING A capsule wardrobe?

The point of Capsule Wardrobe is simply to use fewer clothes to create as many different sets as possible. Thanks to this, our unnecessary clothes do not remain in our closet. As a result, when we open it, we are not flooded by a clothing tsunami. After clothing rehab, when we open our wardrobe in the morning, we are able to complete the perfect set in a minute, in which we will look and feel great. Sounds like a dream? It’s a reality with the Capsule Wardrobe! From the premise in our Capsule Wardrobe, each element should fit into another. So that you can create from a small number of clothes many different sets. That assumption is in accordance with the motto of minimalism – less means more. As a rule, we should choose clothes in basic colors and cuts, thanks to which we can easily achieve our goal. However, you will discover later that you can choose your own basic color palette instead of black, white and gray.

The benefits from the Capsule Wardrobe

+           Saving time

If you will count how much time you lose, when you try to pick something from your wardrobe, you will be scared. 10 minutes at each changing the set means at least 20 min a day, so it’s more than 2 hours per week and more than 5 days a year. Instead of standing for hours in front of the wardrobe in search of this perfect kit for today, where it finally fits together, you can do a lot of definitely more interesting things. For example, go out for a walk, read a book, watch a movie or spend more time with your relatives.

+           Saving space

The wardrobe in which the clothes aren’t kept by force, just to close the doors, looks much better. We gain more space inside the wardrobe. Thanks to that we no longer need a huge wardrobe that takes up half of the room. We can change it into a smaller wardrobe and use the remaining space, for example, for a dressing table or bookshelf if you prefer! We can also opt for an open wardrobe, or stand with decorative hangers. If we have beautiful clothes, why should we hide them? Let them, like works of art, decorate our room!

+           Saving money

The less you need, the less you spend. Thanks to this approach to dressing, we learn a more critical approach to shopping. It must meet more requirements than before! From now on a new item, must match to those already possessed ones, and not vice versa. About this task, I will write the separate post soon.

+           We take care of our planet

By consuming fully what we have, we produce less waste. Statistics show that Americans throw away about 14 million tons of clothes a year, of which about 95% is suitable for use. Unfortunately, it is not better in Europe. Average in European countries is around 15 to 30 kg of clothes which are thrown each year per citizen! That’s a pretty shocking number.

+           We improve our well-being and self-confidence

Possessing a perfectly fitted wardrobe, we get rid of the stress associated with the fact that we permanently have nothing to wear. Everything fits with everything, so creating the perfect set is extremely fast and easy. You know that you look great, that’s why you feel the same way. I can assure you that everyone around you will notice the difference. It’s not known from today that if we do not feel confident in the clothes we wear, it reflects on our well-being – that is also how others perceive us.

Downsides of having Capsule Wardrobe

Of course, you can also find a few drawbacks of such a minimalistic approach to the wardrobe. Here are the ones that I managed to find: – Wearing the same clothes all the time can get boring. If you are a person who still needs changes, then, in the long run, it may be quite bothersome. However, remember, you can always modify your wardrobe. Add or subtract a few things, exchange for others, change colors or design. It all depends on you. – It is no secret that Capsule Wardrobe is based mainly on simple cuts. In the end, the assumption is that everything has to fit everything. It’s difficult to achieve this when we have a lot of clothes in variegated colors and patterns that have nothing to do with each other. The same applies to fancy, complicated styles. However, nothing prevents you from choosing your own base colors. It can be other than the recommended set of white, black and gray or beige. At the same time, we may introduce some more interesting styles. However, I don’t conceal that it is more difficult to do and requires a bit of experience. Too many strong colors may not work in everyday outfits. Probably you don’t want to feel like a Christmas tree, right? – Reduced amount of clothing in the closet causes the need for more frequent washing. Hence, clothes lose their form and color more quickly, and some materials start to crumble or “bubble”. On the other hand, you’ll notice that the blouse doesn’t have to be washed out after a few hours of wearing. We can wear it again, for example, the next day. To determine what requires washing and what’s not we may make a sensory test. I think it’s known to everyone, especially men.


You must answer this question yourself. Remember that you can and should customize everything to yourself. Don’t listen to people who say that the Capsule Wardrobe must contain 15 items per month. You can include shoes and outerwear in this number, but you do not have to. The number of clothes in your Capsule Wardrobe depends only on you. If you need more, no problem. In the end, it is to be created for you, so it should take into account your individual needs. You can take the test and create a trial Capsule Wardrobe for a week. Choose items from the wardrobe that you like, which interact with each other and create a set for each day. Remember to use every element at least two or three times. My Capsule Wardrobe was forced by moving out. So far, having only around 1/3 of the contents of my wardrobe is amazingly good. It turned out that some of the things I took with me actually I don’t need at all!

the example of how to create the capsule wardrobe

Below you’ll find an example of a Capsule Wardrobe for 6 days to make it easier for you. Apparently people are mostly visuals! Before you’ll start creating your own Capsule Wardrobe, I would recommend to find out what is your style. It makes everything much much easier. To do so, take a look also at this post. I chose three blouses, a bikers jacket and a trench coat, a woolen cardigan, two pairs of trousers, one skirt and accessories. EXAMPLE OF 6 DIFFERENT SETS CREATED WITH ONLY 9 CLOTHES (7 IF WE DON’T COUNT OUTWEAR) AND 5 ACCESSORIES. Boots – Vagabond, Brown bag – Merg, White trainers – McArthur, Jeans pants – Topshop, Necklace – Apart, Other things – H&M. Of course, these are not all possible combinations to create from given clothes. You can create them much more. This is just an example of how you can create your own Capsule Wardrobe. About how to create a Capsule Wardrobe(but not only) from scratch, you will read in the next post. That’s the reason why I invite you to follow my profiles on social media!

Let me know if you have ever tried to create your Capsule Wardrobe, or are you considering making one?

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