Minimalist New Year’s Eve outfits, not only for one party

Minimalist New Year’s Eve outfits, not only for one party

What to wear for New Year’s Eve? It’s the nightmare of many women. There is a strange belief in us that we must be dressed to kill. However, I prefer the term elegantly or festive. Just a few years ago, every year I was rushing through the shopping mall before New Year’s Eve looking for this perfect dress for this one evening. Though, after some time I noticed that it is a senseless expense because each time I put it only once. Why? Because it was too fancy to wear it every day.

For several years I have been trying to use what I have in my wardrobe. If there was really nothing to wear I was looking for such dresses that will be neutral enough to be suitable not only for this one party. Hence my idea for this post came. What outfits can be prepared so that you can wear them not only for New Year’s Eve party? 

Without further introductions let’s get inspired by Minimalist New Year’s Eve outfits, not only for one party!

minimalist new year’s eve outfits

Let’s start with THE CLASSICS – LITTLE BLACK dress

Yes, I know it’s clichéd, but it works well! We can wear simple little black many times for many different occasions. It’s enough if you change tights, shoes or accessories to completely change outfit’s character. I already have 3 black dresses in my collection and I also recommend them to you. It has been known for a long time that black makes you slimmer. I think that everybody will agree that after Christmas, this effect is the most desirable one.

ALTERNATIVE FOR little BLACK – little WHITE dress

If you prefer brighter colors than black, then you can try shades of white or ecru. You will stand out from the crowd without wearing a skirt that looks like a disco ball! I value simplicity and elegance, hence my choices (as shown in the attached images) are quite minimalistic. However, golden, silver or red shoes, stronger makeup, and jewelry will give them a claw. With this dress, you can go a little bit crazy with accessories. A colorful necklace, or maybe a brocade handbag? It’s up to you.

FOR THE BRAVE ones – choose a COLOR

If in your opinion, white seems to be reserved only for the bride, and black for widows, you can choose a stronger color. Yes, yes, I know, the navy-blue is not smashing… If you choose stronger color of dress then you should opt for calmer additions, so as not to look like a clown. According to the motto of Coco Chanel “Before leaving the house, look in the mirror and take off one thing.” The navy-blue dress, however, will be a great alternative to black. It is known that black makes you slimmer, but can also make you look older. In the case of a navy-blue, we do not have such problems.

FOR THOSE WHO DOn’t like wearing DRESSES…

I wrote it myself in the post Is there such a thing as “must-have”? about the fact that no one can force us to wear certain things. So if you don’t feel comfortable in dresses, don’t put them on. Because what for should you do that? You have to have fun! So don’t be worried about whether half of the room during the dance does see your curves. Wear the suit! It can also look elegant and sexy. You don’t believe me? Examples are presented below!

minimalist new year's eve outfits

I deliberately didn’t show any jewelry or accessories here, because they are a matter of taste. And as you know, “Taste is not discussed”. However, I decided to show the shoes because I wanted to let you see how the basic element can change the whole outfit. Black, red and beige high-heels are so neutral that they can be used not only for parties but also for everyday use. You can use them in different combinations and they will still look great every time.

What are your ideas for New Year’s Eve outfit? Do you buy every year new clothes, or do you fully use the potential of your wardrobe? Let me know in the comments below.

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