Is there such a thing as “must-have”?

Is there such a thing as “must-have”?

Each of us at least once has heard the slogan “you must have it in your closet” or “this thing is a must-have for this season”. Although I honestly doubt it, only once. Am I right? From each side, we are literally bombarded with such slogans. Why? Because it’s one of the best working, psychological tricks of the marketing department of almost every brand (not just clothing). We may hear them from literally everywhere. From TV, radio, newspaper or even some blogs. 

what is the phenomenon of “must-have”?

Well, hearing from an influencer that these pants are a hit of this season, subconsciously you code a message in your head. “If I want to look good and be fashionable I must necessarily buy those pants.”. You just go to the shop, buy them… and then? Exactly… From my experience, I know that most of this type of shopping under the influence of temporary fashion ended at the bottom of the wardrobe. Sometimes even without a tag removed.

Of course there is nothing wrong with buying things that we like, that fit our silhouette and the rest of the things in our wardrobe and by the way are fashionable. However, we should remember to give thought to the desire to buy such a thing. If it results only from the fact that it is fashionable at the moment and “everyone” has it, it’s better to let go of such a purchase. You will benefit not only your wardrobe, but also your well-being (because you didn’t let yourself be fooled by a cheap marketing trick) and, of course, your wallet. If, however, even in 2 months it may be “unfashionable” you feel like buying something and you think that without it your wardrobe will not be the same, then buy it.

“Must-have” is just a marketing trick!

For me, there is no such a thing as “must-have”. I am an opponent of such a theory.

First of all “must-have” idea is created by clothing companies, which try to force us to buy another pair of jeans only because it’s now fashionable and totally “must-have”. And of course, they simply don’t care if you ever wear them. In the end, the money is already in their account – their task has been done. That’s it!

Secondly, each of us is different. Each of us has a different figure, age, style, and needs. What will suit a tall girl does not have to fit lower and vice versa. Not everyone has to dress the same way. Let’s not go crazy.

“MUST-HAVE” and the base of the wardrobe

“Must-have”, however, is not only the issue of momentary trends. Very often when looking for advice on creating a wardrobe, I was convinced that the list “You must have it!” is the best and the only solution, because every woman in the wardrobe must have… Well, do I really have to?

Of course, everybody needs something to put on the top and to the bottom. As well as we need underwear and clothing accessories or optionally one-piece suits (overalls or dresses). But yet, not every woman likes to walk in dresses. Hence forcing her by saying “every woman must have a dress in their wardrobe” is artificial and does not help at all in creating the “wardrobe basis”. It only makes her start to get into complexes.

In fact, the basis of the wardrobe is clothes that we like very much, in which we feel comfortable. Based on these elements, we would like to create the rest of our outfits. So if we’ll have things that do not meet our needs, we will not wear them anyway. Which is the negation of their initial destiny.

my own experiences

I think it’s the high time to give some example of daily life.

Some time ago I came across an article about building a wardrobe base. In brief what every woman must have in the wardrobe. In sequence, individual items of clothing were mentioned. Black biker jacket, black skinny jeans, boyfriend jeans.  Of course, necessarily with holes because they are the most fashionable this season! White t-shirt with pocket and V-neck, black tight skirt, red high heels, elegant jacket, white shirt etc. Therefore I made a list of things that I didn’t have in my closet, which I must have and went shopping. 

To be honest, I spent some money on them, but it was supposed to be a good investment. Investment in the base of my wardrobe. My wardrobe couldn’t exist without them, right? All arguments of the authors of this “must-have” list were very logical. I must admit that to me, the person starting an adventure with my own style, they were more than convincing. Truth is that most of these things I’ve never put on or put just once and never again. You will ask – “Why? After all, it is the basis of a wardrobe that everyone must have. “


must have

Because there is no such thing as “must-have”. Loose pants don’t fit every figure, high heels aren’t the most comfortable shoes and the shirt doesn’t necessarily have to be white. However, I truly admire all women who wear high heels every day. For me, it was not a pleasant experience. Not so long ago I realized this by finding these “basic (un) necessary” things on the bottom of my wardrobe.

Obviously, probably some of the items from such a list will cover your needs and there is nothing wrong with that. In that case, you can even say that you have an easier task. However, in 95 cases out of a hundred, not all items will hit the bull’s eye. That’s why a fairly important element of planning the wardrobe is to determine the preferences and requirements that your wardrobe must meet. Thanks to this, you will be able to create a perfectly suited wardrobe, with which you will look and feel great every day.


Each of us should find our own “must-have” that suits our personalized needs. Let’s not be fooled that our wardrobe and image will suffer if we do not buy the most fashionable blouse. If you do not feel well in a white shirt do not force yourself to own it. Even if someone claims that without it your wardrobe will be incomplete. Probably different color or pattern of this item will definitely fit in your taste. What if not? It doesn’t matter, not everyone has to wear shirts!

Let me know in the comments below what do you think about the “must-have”?

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