How to find your own style?

How to find your own style?

If you want to start building your own wardrobe with a stylist, a book or even a blog, you will always meet with the question: “What’s your style?”. This is an important question, but sometimes not so simple to answer as it would seem at first. Because you are here, I assume that you have a problem with answering this question. Don’t worry, finding your own style doesn’t have to be hard. Although, it can take some time.

To help you with this task, I prepared the list of the most common styles of women’s outfits. All you need to do is to look at each one individually and list the elements (or whole styles) that you like the most. I assure you it’s not so hard, as you may think. Remember, there are no “must-have” things, as I said in the previous post.


We will start with glamour…

In fact, it could be described in three words – luxurious, elegant and feminine. It is mainly associated with Hollywood and the red carpet. The more glitter, gold or silver the better. However, be careful not to overdo it with the number of ornaments and patterns. On a daily basis, they may not pass the exam and look simply kitschy.

Skirt – Chi Chi London, Top – Dadoo, Sandals – Vices, Necklace – Aliexpress, Bag – unknown


“Be original”. Elegance, luxury and above all extravagance are it’s guiding motto. It requires a lot of courage and skill in selecting elements so that you don’t look just old. Skirts and dresses with midi length, pearls, dots, and leather handbags – these are the characteristic elements of the vintage style. The best inspirations you may find in old movies from the twenties, fifties or sixties. As a good inspiration, I will definitely recommend “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” with amazing Audrey Hepburn.

Dress – Esprit, Sunglasses – Born 86’, Bag – Merg, High heels – Ginmarko, Hat- H&M


Close your eyes and try to imagine summer. What will you see, fits perfectly into boho style. ‘Cause Boho style means fringes, flowers, lace, and flounces, that is, everything ethereal and colorful. No wonder then why it is mainly associated with the summer. The boho style is derived from the so-called bohemia – the environment of all kinds of artists. Nonchalance, combining loose cuts and many different patterns is the essence of this style. Just a loose interpretation of other styles such as hippie, vintage or glamour.

Sandals – Topshoes, Bag – Mohito, Dress – H&M, Jacket – Missguided, Earing – unknown


Thinking about Paris chic, the first thing that comes to my mind is effortless elegance. Without pompousness and affectation. Simple cuts, delicate makeup, and good quality clothes are the guiding lines of this style. It fits perfectly into the trend of minimalism. The basic elements of this style are sweater/blouse with stripes, cigarette pants, trench coat, silk scarf and, of course, ballerinas.

Sweater – Cubus, Cigarette pants – H&M, Trench coat – Cubus, Ballerinas – Noevision, Scarf – Allora, Lipstick – Pupa Milano


Rock style is brave and expressive, for women with a claw. The characteristic elements are jeans in any form (skirts, shirts, trousers, jackets or vests), leather (leather biker jacket, pants or skirts), as well as studs or bandanas. Currently, elements of rock style are smuggled almost to all other styles. For example, you may use a biker jacket also in sport or boho style.

rock style

Jeans – River Island, T-shirt – Topshop, Biker jacket – Miss Selfridge, Boots – Buffalo

sporty style

Simple and comfortable. Leggings, tracksuits, joggers, sneakers, and hoodie are some of the basic elements of a sporty style. This, of course, doesn’t exclude skirts or dresses in any way, they are also welcome. However, they are usually made of a flexible material – in the end, it has to be comfortable!

Hoodie – H&M, Skinny jeans – Topshop, Sneakers – Nike, Hat – Zohra, Watch – Miler


Military style is in a nutshell khaki and camo pattern, a style for women with strong character. Inspired by, as the name suggests, military uniforms. The essence of this style in the urban edition are various types of suits, bomber or park jackets. The dominant colors are brown, black and khaki.

Dress – Tifossi, Bag – H&M, Boots – Vagabond, Belt – Royalrepublic, Sunglasses – Joker

Is your list of elements ready? I hope so. Let’s move then to answer our main question…

How to find your own style?

Look now at your list. Does your style correspond completely to any of those presented above? If so, the matter is simple. In this style, you can (but of course you don’t have to) start building your own wardrobe.

  • What if I like more than one style?

That’s great! The final look of your wardrobe depends only on your imagination. You can combine elements of each style and put them into one wardrobe. Each of us has our own unique style and there is nothing wrong with that! On the contrary, thanks to this we stand out from the crowd and without words, we can show our personality. Make a name for it, for example, the style of an individualist or the style of Anny. Let it be your hallmark, and maybe even inspire someone else!

  • What if I do not like any of the styles presented above?

No worries! When building a wardrobe, it’s important to define your style, but it doesn’t have to be part of mainstream fashion. Create your own style or draw inspiration from those already existing in literature and enjoy fashion! Remember, however, that all elements should fit together and form a coherent whole – sometimes it is easy to overdo it.


Do you have a more or less specific style that you like? Cool! Now think about what cuts you like, in which ones do you feel best? What length should dresses or skirts be? If you wear them of course. What materials fit the most to you and your style? What colors and its shades suits you the best? Pastels, or perhaps more expressive ones?

If you have problems with finding answers to this questions you may visit the shopping mall. Try to find there things that you like and which in theory should fit in your style and just try them on. This is the easiest way to find out what suits you best. You’ll immediately notice what is a perfect solution for you, and what looks good only on the hanger.

PS. Absolutely you don’t have to buy anything, it has to be only a test 🙂 Write down your conclusions and Voila!, you have the answer to the question “What is your style?”

And if you are not a fan of doing research through galleries, it’s worth taking a look at pages with inspirations such as Pinterest.

More about creating your own, minimalist wardrobe from the very beginning you will find in the next posts soon. It’s a good idea to follow my blog on social networks so that you will not miss any new posts!

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